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Publikationen 2009:

R. Wiesinger, Ch. Kleber, J. Frank, M. Schreiner:
A new experimental set-up for in-situ IRRAS studies of atmospheric corrosion on metal surfaces considering the influence of UV-light.
Applied Spectroscopy 63 (2009) 465-470.

R. Wiesinger, J. Schnöller, H. Hutter, M. Schreiner, Ch. Kleber:
About the formation of basic silver carbonate on silver surfaces – an in-situ IRRAS study.
Open Corrosion Journal 2 (2009) 96-104

J. Chang, M.V. Cañamares, M. Aydin, W. Vetter, M. Schreiner, W. Xu, J. R. Lombardi:
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of indanthrone and flavanthrone.
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy  40 (2009) 1557 – 1563.

S. Wei, Q. Zhang M. Schreiner:
Py-GC/MS for the identification of modern synthetic materials used  for conservation in Chinese wall paintings.
International conference of Future talk, October 2009, Munich, Germany, Proceedings.

A. Schäning, K. Varmuza, M. Schreiner:
Classification of Synthetic Organic Pigments by Multivariate Data Analysis of FTIR Spectra.
e-Preservation Science. Scientific research for the conservation of cultural heritage, IRUG8 Proceedings (2009

M. Melcher, M. Schreiner, B. Bühler, A. M. Pülz, U. Muss:
Investigation of ancient gold objects from Artemision at Ephesus using portable µ-XRF.
ArcheoSciences, revue d'archéométrie 33 (2009) 169-175.



Rita Wiesinger:
Development and application of surface sensitive methods for the in-situ investigation of
atmospheric corrosion processes on non-transparent materials.

Vienna University of Technology, October 2009.