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Publikationen 2008:

M. Melcher, M. Schreiner, K. Kreislova:
Artificial weathering of model glasses with medieval compositions – an empirical study on the influence of particulates.
Phys. Chem. Glasses: Eur. J. Glass Sci. Technol. 49 (2008) 346–356.

Ch. Kleber, R. Wiesinger, J. Schnöller, U. Hilfrich, H. Hutter, M. Schreiner:
Initial oxidation of silver surfaces by S2- and S4+ species.
Corrosion Science 50 (2008) 1112-1121

J. Schnöller, R. Wiesinger, Ch. Kleber, U. Hilfrich, M. Schreiner, H. Hutter:
TOF – SIMS investigations on weathered Ag-Surfaces.
Journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 390 (2008) 1618-2642.

S. Wei, M. Scheriner, H. Guo, Q. Ma:
The identification of the binding media used in the wall paintings of Tang Dynasty tombs and Dazhao Temple.
Scientific and Technological Research on Cultural Heritage 7 (2008) 15-24.

R. Wiesinger, Ch. Kleber, U. Hilfrich, M. Schreiner:
The influence of aerial oxygen on the interaction of polycrystalline silver surfaces with SO2 containing humidified air.
NACE international (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) (2008) Paper 2377.

V. Desnica, K. Škarić, D. Jembrih-Simbuerger, S. Fazinić, M. Jakšić, D. Mudronja, M. Paviličić, I. Peranić, M. Schreiner:
Portable XRF as a valuable device for preliminary in situ pigment investigation of wooden inventory in the Trski Vrh Church in Croatia.
Applied Physics A - Materials Science and Processing 92 (2008) 19-23.

S. Wei, G. Song, M. Schreiner:
A study of the Materials used for the Inscriptions on Ceramic Vessels Excavated at a Shang Dynasty Site in China, 2011.
37th International Symposium on Archaeometry, May 2008, Siena, Italy, Part 1, Proceedings 169-175

M. Melcher, M. Schreiner:
The investigation of historical glasses and their degradation, using modern analytical methods.
In: M. P. Colombini, L. Tassi (eds.): New Trends in analytical, environmental and cultural heritage chemistry; Transworld Research Network, Kerala, India (2008) 425-475.

H. Miklas, M. Gau, F. Kleber, M. Diem, M. Lettner, M. C. Vill, R. Sablatnig, M. Schreiner, M. Melcher,
E.-G. Hammerschmid:
St. Catherine's Monastery on Mount Sinai and the Balkan-Slavic Manuscript-Tradition.
In: Miklas, H.; Miltenova, A. (Eds.): Slovo. Towards a Digital Library of South Slavic Manuscripts. Proceedings of the International Conference. Sofia, Bulgaria, pp. 13-36, 2008.