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Analytical Characterization of Synthetic Organic Materials in Contemporary Art Works and Study of Their Ageing Properties by Py-GC/MS, GC/MS, Raman Spectroscopy, and FTIR

The project is in cooperation with the Franz-West-Archive, the Museum für Moderne Kunst Stiftung Ludwig (Museum of Modern Art), the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (KHM), and the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage (CACH) to establish an advanced and efficient analytical procedure which allows the identification of all classes of binders, predominantly of synthetic materials in contemporary art works. Consequently, the developed procedure should be applied for the analysis of works of the cooperation institutions, to identify the materials used and to assess the conditions of the objects (ageing).


Project website: Analysis of Synthetic Organic Materials in Contemporary Art
FWF-Project No. L699-N17
Materialanalyse für die Zeitgenössische Kunst